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Finished Work Posting Guidelines

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  • Finished Work Posting Guidelines

    The following are the rules for posting in the FINISHED WORK. Topics that violate these rules may be moved, edited or deleted at the discretion of the moderators:
    • "Finished" artwork only - each topic must begin with at least one piece art you consider finished, no sketches.
    • Post your work - post only artwork YOU pencilled, inked or colored. If you've inked or colored over another's work, do your best to give credit to that artist.
    • Less is more - Try not to post more than three (3) pieces of artwork in a given topic
    • Direct links - Don't link to artwork posts in other forums (or attachments thereof), galleries or index pages - link directly to your artwork
    • Content - Posting images with nudity is ok, but not sexual in nature or ultra violent. If you have such an image, post it as a link instead of using the IMG tag.
    • Don't double post - post a given piece of artwork in one Lab forum only
    • Don't beg - look for collaborators in the Bulletin Board
    • Don't solicit or promote - save the solicitation and the self promotion for the Bulletin Board
    • Don't steal - acknowledge the original artist when you post studies or copies of other artists' work
    • Don't whine - posting artwork here means you're explicitly asking for public comment and criticism; give and receive comments and criticism gracefully

    Questions? Concerns? Comments? Feel free discuss these rules in the Support & Info forum.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    These rules may be revised and/or added to at any time by any representative of Please also periodically review the Penciljack Forum Guidelines & Etiquette and the Penciljack Terms of Service as your continued use of this Web site and its features constitutes your consent to be bound by those documents.
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    Updated May 2006
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      Updated Feb. 2008


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        Updated July 08 (Nudity inline images.)


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