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  • Frankenstein Loves you

    Blew off my commission work this afternoon and wanted some instant gratification lol. Black pencil on Bienfang 360. Not able to touch it up in PS at the moment but, I can live with it like this for now...thanks for looking.

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    I like it . The rendering on his face looks alittle Freddy Krugger'ish .


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      Lovely, hahaha. I really like it, I think the image is slightly big and it makes it difficult to be fully appreciated in one sight.
      Anyway, it's a nice piece.


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        "Instant gratification"? The texture of the skin would indicate a not-so-instant process for most.

        I like the weight of the character's features. Could even be a handsome man beneath the grotesque covering punctuated by the texture of the skin...something I wouldn't have considered adding.

        An interesting name, jujigatame...jujitsu? or possibly judo?
        ~ g0b1in


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          i'm liking this. This really screams for inks! I think i like this piece the best from what i've seen from you.


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            DogSoldier-Thanks. It's one of those instances where I wasn't thinking of FK when I did it but, now, I can totally see the resemblence.

            endeserben-I also have this at a more manageable viewing size on my da page...but, yeah, I don't know, I usually like posting the images big. Thanks. Glad you like it.

            g0b1in-Took like 2 hours to do, which is small potatoes to the stuff I was working on lol.
            As far as my username, I used to be a huge puroresu mark...mainly 80s and 90s New Japan, back when the hold was considered the be all and all of submissions. Took the name as a nod to my past.....and coincedentally 'juji' translates to 'cross' as does my last name 'cruz'. So yeah, there you go more info than you ever cared to know about me lol.

            underwearhero-thanks. no plans to ink this but, who'd have to be done digitally since I don't think ink would go over the wax base pencil lines well.


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              Originally posted by jujigatame View Post
              no plans to ink this but, who'd have to be done digitally since I don't think ink would go over the wax base pencil lines well.
              If you wanted to ink it by hand, if you have a color printer... you could just print it of as 30% cyan and ink over the print out.

              Really cool man, I really like the eye.
              See my work on Game of Thrones seasons two, three and four blurays


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                Very cool drawing! Love the technique, and the detail is impressive. I love the pitted, scarred look of his skin. I think I'd have made the shadows a little darker, but that's just me. I really like your work!

                ~Max Romaine
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                  Thanks guys.....dfbovey thanks for the tip.


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                    I think that you may be a pencil ninja.


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