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IronFist (a little action)

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  • IronFist (a little action)

    Kinda blurry scan , you can tell how much the lines are smudged by looking at my signature .

    Taking fellow PJ'ers advice and doing more action type pic's .

    Did this today .
    Should have something more interesting soon .

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    King Dogsoldier Give Him His Crown!


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      Originally posted by doodledude View Post
      King Dogsoldier Give Him His Crown!
      Whatever. Got anything worthwhile to add?

      DogSoldier: You're becoming one of my favorites around here. I have a few crits though. The right forearm is at a broken angle, though the upper arm is nicely done. There should be a shadow on the right boot, and more rendering on the gloves/boots in general (but not too much). Also, the mouth looks strangely placed, perhaps too close to the nose area. Aside from these things, nice job. It looks great!


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        nice to see you throw action in here. i agree with xero khan though, his right boot needs some shadow. as for the mouth i dont know if its because his mouth is placed wierd, or if his nose is too small, but it doesnt look right. however i will say i always like to see your work, i love your anatomy. cool piece.
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          Nice Action shot.

          His right arm needs work....the way you drew it doesnt seem very natural.his right foot looks a bit off and the fact that u can't see his left foot comes off as u trying to avoit drawing feet.others have mentioned the lack of nose....i think u were trying to have the viewer look down a bit at his head but U missed the mark.......It shouldnt take u too long to redo the nose.....just make sure u redo it so u learn from the drawing

          love the pose.i really like the use of shadow especially on his lower half.the shadows on the upper torso could be pushed a bit more

          ive seen u do backgrounds before.....make sure you dont get stuck doing BGless character shots.

          keep at it man
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            Thanks for the crits . I need the kick in the butt to do better . When your just drawing for yourself/for fun you can get lazy and fall into ruts very easy .


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              Your work shows a solid foundation.

              Does the toe of the boot split in the middle? To my eye it seems to split left of the middle toe which would be an awkward place. In most cases, shoes of that kind split between the big toe and second.

              I'm in agreement with others concerning his mouth. Though I'd add that the expression is achieved.

              I enjoy the composition as a whole. Especially the attempt at the unusual angle of the right arm in order to render the downward right-hook (If I guess correctly). Initially, I thought the circle behind him indicated the motion of his arm.
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                Your style translates well into action images.

                Very energetic.

                You should have done this long ago!
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                  Great pic. There are alot of good comments here but overall I don't agree with them.

                  The pose has alot of energy and the rendering looks great- a little to finchy, but if you can adapt it to fit the style you create then that is all good.

                  If this was supposed to be anatomically correct I could put in some crits but its not. Which is why drawing comics is so much fun!

                  the only thing I agree on is just making that right foot shadow a little more dark, its there and it maybe just the scan.

                  Nice work DS
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                    Pose is cool actually but...I think something more martial arts-like would've fit the character better.


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                      tis true. he looks a bit clumsy... or at least not super agile like i think he should. but at least he's doing something. good job.
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                        The hands are the weakest part for me and you could push it further pose and perspective wise. Remember the human skeleton is pretty flexible and IF is agile so push the turns and action more. Stretch him out. Also the left leg anatomy is a little funky.

                        The rest is gravy.
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                          I like the rendering, it has a solid feel to it, but I agree with Huerta about the hands. I'd add that current Iron Fist isn't really built like a tank, he's pretty lean like spider-man or daredevil.


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