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A little blood...

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  • A little blood...

    I guess he said the wrong thing to the psycho/ninja/steampunk/robot/zombie/gang...(every default bad guy).

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    luv it...very bold...lovely style... but don't like the 'broken' claws and not feelin' the white border round the robot hand.


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      This is very cool artistically, but I have to be frank here: wolvie's claws just don't break. I just don't happen, mate.


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        I absolutely love the way you've drawn Wolvie and the way you colour with fat bands of colour - but I'm not keen on the way you've handled the bottom right hand corner of the pic. The cleanliness, crispness and precision of what you've done down there really conflicts with the loose nature of the rest of the image.

        As for the broken claws......I've got to agree that the METAL versions don't break -- but would be happy to accept that the bone versions could break like that. So, they're bone, yeah?
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          Thanks for looking and writing. It was drawn for fun and just evolved. There is no back story. As far as his claws, never say never. I was just trying to create a little drama...

          I also agree the hand in the lower right is to clean. I thought the same thing when i was working on it.


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            for the foreground hand use the the color of the background for the halo it will work better
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              interesting to just mebbe drop the foreground hands completely so he's jumpin right at us ?


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