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Monster with Dreds

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  • Monster with Dreds

    This is a monster that I drew and painted in Photoshop. I'm practicing digital painting without having thick black outlines. Please let me know what you think. I preffer the darker version but I understand that on some monitors its way too dark.

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    I have to say it is entirely too dark. You can barely see the outline of the creature.


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      On my machine at home it looks great but I opened it at work this morning and I thought the same thing. I think it would work better in print. I'll try to lighten it and post again. Thanks for checking it out though.


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        I just figured out how to post image instead of just a link. I put two versions.
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          The lightness vs darkness issue is quite difficult here I think.

          I'm trying to picture where the light is coming from. Only, the highlights on his body seem to indicate that the light source is actually quite strong - even though the rest of the room is dark.

          I think that needs to be resolved in some way - so that he has more of a sense of 'grounding' and existing in a 3-D space.

          Hope that makes sense......
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            Yeah. that helps a lot actually. I've been trying for to teach myself to paint in photoshop. So this helps me figure out what I need to work on.


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