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Underwater mission

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  • Underwater mission

    Concept piece for a RPG. I suck at underwater stuff. C+C Thanks.

    Quick Color Version


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    the diver looks great but the fish guy's arm kind of fades into the background I couldnt really see it for a while. also the arm generally feels a bit missplaced and disconnected.
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      I didn't even notice the arm until I read Telekinetic Ketchup's post.

      Other than the arm, I really like this piece.


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        I like the quick colors. I think if you lost the arm on the fish dude and showed maybe a bit more of his neck and shoulders it would read better?
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          There's not enough blue in the yellows/red to really sell it as underwater. What I did here was to select those non-blue areas and just pull the color balance about -30 towards the cyan. See what you think.


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            Thanks guys I agree completely with everything that was said. Thanks for the redo Finch and its funny you did that because on the final I went back over it all with a blue wash, well I mean I set a new layer to mulitply and went over all of it with blue.

            I also redid that arm I will post the revised version later just been too lazy to delete the orginal from my site and reupload.

            Again thanks all.
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              If you're going to do the wash effect with a layer of solid color, try setting the blending mode to Color and then reduce opacity to taste.


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                It must just be me, but I don't see any real qualms with the arm. Th lighting could use some tweaks though. I would concentrate most of the highlight directly on top of the suit since the surface of the water is the only real light source and only slight back lighting from the floor. It's also a bit washed out in grey. The picture can be more blue.


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                  I applied some of the stuff I was talking about on here.

                  -Highlights on top.
                  -Darkened sides of suit a bit.
                  -light blue saturated layer blend
                  -light blue gradient from top color layer blend
                  -also added some white to the merman guy to separate him from the bg some.
                  -added highlights to the bubbles too
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                    If you highlighted the arm and face of the merman or adjusted the gamma on just that character to bring him to the foreground a bit, you would see the arm much better. That or you could change his color a bit. As it is, it still blends too much with the background.

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