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    dude i dig this alot, but only one thing, the perspective on his right foot is throwin me off. almost like it should be flat against the brick wall and not comin towards us. but hell i could be wrong. and also JUST to nit pic, lol.... his mask tie is flowing one way but the smoke from the building is goin straight up, almost opposite. i still love your rendering style man. overall great stuff
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      It'd probably be really fun to ink one of your pieces.

      Also, out of curiosity, do you fire guns recreationally?
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        Looks good for the most part. The only thing that is bothering me a tiny bit is the chest it seems to flatten out a bit. Now that I look a little harder at the upper body, it looks nice but I should probably have a little more bend (forward bend) to the spine. I understand he could be leaning back but I a bend would still be there.
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          Looks good, you get better with every piece it seems, which is fun to watch. I'll echo the crits above; in general, your eye for detail and volumetric rendering are your biggest strengths, whereas anatomic proportions (not musculature, you seem to have that down) and gesture seem to be where you need the most work (not that they are bad by any means, only relative to other things).

          Bigger issue: when are we going to see some sequentials?!!! I searched your deviant gallery but couldn't find any. Tell us a story in this cool gritty style for God's sake!

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            Man that is bad ass no doubt. I do notice the right foot thing pretty big, even a step using perspective fo him to be stepping on would be an easy add and make it even more bad ass.

            Awesome work.

            Found ya on DA... watch!


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              Thanks alot for the comments . I agree with the crits btw .

              I hope to get some sequential sample work done here soon Adam , trying to find the right short story thats not boring to draw .

              Thanks for the DA watch KrisC .


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                Originally posted by Xero Khan View Post
                It'd probably be really fun to ink one of your pieces.

                Also, out of curiosity, do you fire guns recreationally?
                Yep , I target shoot now and then ( no hunting ) . How did you know ?


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                  I like your rendering alot, a few crits. The style of boot he is wearing seems kinds plain or superheroish compared to the rest of his military looking gear. The feet position looks ok, but the environment he's standing on doesn't look like he is planted well enough, it either looks like the perspective is off or the stairs can't support him, not sure.
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                    Originally posted by DogSoldier View Post
                    Yep , I target shoot now and then ( no hunting ) . How did you know ?
                    Your detail on the weapons shows respect for them in a telling way. I'm a shooter too.


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                      Man, wish I could draw like that. Oh well.


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                        Pretty cool man, I like the background a lot!

                        I agree with the critique about his chest looking a bit one dimensional, I'd also say his head is a tad small proportionately. One thing to also watch out for is centerline and balance of the pose. He looks like he needs a little bit of a bend in the ab area, more hunched over to make the pose a bit more natural.

                        Good stuff.
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