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  • WWII Pinup

    I have been commissioned to do a series of WWII nose art for planes. Its been fun especially drawing in a totally different style. I didn't like doing that at first but you can learn a lot from doing it, or at least I have. Anyway this one is a reject so I can show it. So here it is. It's not completely finished because well it was rejected due to the pose. Anyway C+C thanks.


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    Yeah, the pose doesn't exactly say "bomber girl", that doesn't prevent it from looking very nice though.

    CC would be that her right arm looks a bit dwarfish, little short. That could just be in my mind though, and as you said it wasn't 100% done.

    good stuff.

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      I think nose-art fits your painterly stuff well, although I can see why this one was rejected. I don't think it's close to being risque or cheeky enough (even though most nose art is a bit quaint by modern standards).

      The technique is nice though, and you nailed the Varga girl-ish face. I'd love to see the accepted ones when you're allowed to show them.


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        I am not feeling the legs. When I first saw the top half of her I was thinking this was going to have some more energy and a pin-up feel. The legs should be "curvy" and meaty. More attitude with her whole gesture would make it perfect, IMO.
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          I like this alot...and especially your style. It doesn't really feel 'pin up' to me, more like a 50's cover to Home and Gardens. But I love this regardless though. She must have some great balance to stand like that.
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            not bad at all...
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              This is really nice!

              Is this digital or traditional, and if traditional what sort of media?

              Overall very cute pose and can't believe anyone rejected it.


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                Thanks for the critiques guys and yeah the pose if pretty subdued. I will be more dramatic and bold with the next one.

                This has been kind of an odd gig because the guy wants something really specific with each yet he wants something that also stand alone. Like the first one I did I had her all leaned back legs out etc and he liked it.

                But then he wanted it switched up because if it were to used for something else she would look like she was about to fall over etc.

                Eh whatever just a classic case of someone knowing what they don't want.

                But either way the pay has been great on this set (although I can't post anything accepted, even on my site) and it has been fun drawing like someone else. I learned a lot from some of the old school pinup guys by doing these.
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