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  • Grifter and Fairchild

    Pencils and digital colors. Did the pencils last year and finally colored them two days ago.

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    The colors and the penciling work decently together, though there are some places where they get a bit muddy together. Mostly Fairchild's flesh it what draws that crit immediately. The rendering is nice but there are some anatomy issues on grifter. his shoulders are a tad narrow, mostly his right could have used a bit more mass imop. His right leg as well, is comically short, even when just compared to what we can see of his left.

    Aside from that it's just the composition. Having hand's half cut off, touching the borders just always is a bad way to go. Eighter back the border out another half inch and show the whole hand, or have the hands doing a little border breaking. It really should be avoided when you can.

    good piece though.

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      Thanks for your comprehensive post.

      Yeah, I'm trying to marry pencils and colors well, inspired by Leinil Yu's New Avengers work. I really love his painted sketch aesthetic. The pencil mud was intentional to give a grittier, more spontaneous/loose feeling. Not everybody will like this choice though, and I fully understand that stance.

      The anatomy points that you raise are a direct result of not laying out the piece beforehand; it was a straight shot from my head to the bristol, I admit. Since there was no ink involved I could've erased and refined, but didn't do so and I cannot tell you why. I made no corrections from start to finish, and did all the pencilling in one sitting (the colors too, much later). I guess I had tunnel vision and was on too much Monster at the time.

      Overall, though, I think it was a success; I was able to pencil it in only a few hours, and the coloring took maybe four hours total. As far as speed goes, I'm happy. I always strive to produce in the least amount of time possible. From a polish perspective, however, I agree with your every criticism.

      Thanks for your time!


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        I don't like the color of her pants, it doesn't match and it is almost distracting. Maybe try yellow, green or purple instead?

        nice work though
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          Sorry, that's the official color of those pants with that particular costume. I don't like it either, but it is what it is.


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            i know that boobs never look 'real' in comic books, but hers are kinda troubling.... shouldn't the one on our left hang a bit? I don't know the character... she obviously does ok on the upper body strength front, but they just look too high and circular even for comic book boobs?


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