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  • Arm 'N(o) Hammer

    This is just a drawing I did to test out different techniques and stuff. Nothing too major. C&C are always welcomed.


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    i like it,very cool.My only problems is with his tatoo on his back
    i think the image shoud be more broken up to indacate the diffrent heights of the muscle,or the contour of the back.




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      the metal arm looks nearer to us than the fleshy upper arm. I think maybe it needs to rotate inwards a bit (so we see more of the 'underside') and then give us a clearer sense of it joining to the flesh?


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        I like the design of the character.

        I still think your work needs an established and consistant light source though. The way the arm is lit from the left side of the page should be followed through in shading the rest of the figure.
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          Character design is great. As a Street Fighter fanatic, I'd love to see this guy in the series (or maybe even Tekken). I may draw this guy for fun if you don't mind.


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            Thanks everyone.

            Brokenhill: Yeah, I get what you're saying. I did it in pen first and I did break it up a little, but I guess putting more emphasis on it would have helped some. I guess adding some color variation in the tattoo itself will bring it out more.

            Doppleganger: The metallic arm is closer...I wanted to draw it more skewed so it looks much bigger...but it came out fine I guess.

            Dfbovey: Yeah...I see exactly what you mean. I wanted a light source coming from both the left and the top, but I wanted the arm to seem so big and like he was using it almost to shield the light mostly from the left. Guess it kinda didn't work though.

            Xero Khan: Thanks man. Sure...go for it. I would love to see your take on it.
            I don't bother making points, because there is no point.

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