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Giant robot action

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  • Giant robot action

    A step shy from being complete but complete enough for the draw off.

    Ballpoint and pencil

    Quick PS treatment

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    the Transformer with the gun (megatron? doesn't quite look it) has his head looking up when he should probably have it looking down...

    from this and your moon knight picture i think you have a problem with seeing things three dimensionality with certain things... It's a common problem... there is a common fix to it but i can't remember what it is. The odd thing is it only seems in certain spots/objects so it might be that you just need to think of your images more as objects rather than people, you know go back to basic shapes, and how it would look in that way rather than whatever you are doing.


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      I think you should maybe do a few studies of drawing from life (objects, people, places...) to help train your eyes and brain to see some stuff in volume. I wouldn't be able to tell what exactly doesn't work on this image, but something is bugging me.

      I think you could also have buffed the the characters a bit more to make them more imposing.

      The coloring is pretty good, I think you could add a few variations to each tint to make it sing more (like a lighter and darker value for instance, especially on the fire)


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        A whole lot of things are off because of the fudged up bg.
        I will eliminate it right out if I revisit this.
        It was supposed to be an aerial view (or in my mind).

        I do agree when looking at it that the characters
        need to be bigger, Jel.

        Thanks for the crits.


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