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  • tmnt draw off..

    heres my entry for the ninja turtle drawoff... only like my 2ns attempt at coloring on photoshop. i still need practice, and i shoulda done a backround but got lazy heh

    Damn and i thought i had talent

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    Mikey's odd both in pose and in the fact that his left hand nunchaku isn't moving when it should...

    Don's foot should be more tensed against the ground

    Raph's sai's he doesn't hold them like that...and his head should be downward tilted, not straight on.

    Leo looks evil, which is completely out of character. He's missing his shoulder strap, and his left hand is too small. Not to mention his other Ninjaken is missing. Also you missed the piece missing from Leo's shell right between his should and neck that he lost early in many stories.

    They are also all missing necks which is fairly prominent in all their incarnations. You missed their wristbands and all their faces look flat. They don't look like that have beaks, which they do. Their belts are missing holsters, letterings, knotted off material, depending on incarnation, and their shells just look off.
    And not to mention you are missing their tails...

    other than that their basic human anatomy could use some improvement, but it's passable.


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      I think something as simple as a splash of color for a semi placeholder background could probably at a lot to this. The only thing that I really notice that stands out to me is that they seem to be missing necks.

      And bring up very obscure things to change. A missing piece of Leo's shell? Them needing tails? Or them with beaks? Most incarnations of them I do not see ever...not in the toys, videogames, cartoons or anything like that in which they are instantly recognizable. I think those things are easily and will be omitted.
      I don't bother making points, because there is no point.

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        I agree, they are obscure, but they all go into what I would think as a fan/producer. It's a matter of character...All those things mean a lot to people who follow the things.

        An example, Superman's suit ripping against a regular opponent. I know a number of people that would complain about that simply because from what I understand it is a mandate for most times that his suit won't rip due to his indestructibility applying to his suit. Now if I make his suit ripped I have to assume he's been through hell and back so the character should look worn out, not standing triumphantly.

        It's all part of a character. If it's missing/wrong someone will complain. The more you know about a character the more people you can make happy with your drawing, beyond just the look. How many renditions are there of Batman/Superman/etc and i almost every incarnation done by a pro there are little things that tell you it's Superman and not just some guy in a suit.

        To me what I'm seeing in that picture is not the TMNT but just some guys in a turtle suit because they don't look like their character should. Mikey looks fierce, he's a happy go lucky guy, Leo looks evil...he's supposed to be calm. Raph looks like he is direct when as a fan i know he's not. And Don i get no character from at all.

        It's like they say...a picture is worth a thousand words.


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          The placement could have been better for all of them . They just seemed to be randomly drawn in . Mikey looks like he is standing in mid air . I think it would have looked alot better if he was down where Raph is and Raph was at the top of the page since he is the one jumping .


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            thanks for all the crits. i kinda had intended for raph, mike and don to be jumping towards leo. and leo posed in the front ready since he was always the "leader" lol. guess i gotta try harder next time!
            Damn and i thought i had talent


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