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  • Guitar Desert Dreams

    Illustration I did for a non-profit organization to sell as prints so they can raise money for the organization. Guitars Not Guns. First time I tackle something like this as a digital painting. most of the colored digital work I've done have that hard outline where as here its more painterly. Turned out alright though I might go back and redo the clouds a bit but pleased for 3 days of work.
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    The technique is good but the body of the guitar-cycle is way misshapen, and the guitar neck is a bit, um.. phallic.
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      i was going to say... boner
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        I don't mean to be a dick about this (no pun intended), but yes, it looks like a phallic guitar on a phallic rock formation. this piece has phallic overtones, not gonna lie.


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          I see now where your mind does wanders. I can see your view on the phallicness (if thats a work) of the image, but different minds work in different ways. Your dirty minds shall not dirty my image. .
          On a side not. The guitar bike is an actual bike that was built by the founder of this charity. let you minds run wild with the imagery provided. Here's a pic of the actual bike.

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            yea, i see a lot of schwangs. however, i like the art. cool piece.
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              I hope nobody is getting the idea that just because this guitar-bike is somewhat phallic (and it is), that's somehow a bad thing. Personally I think it really sends an pretty bold message, which I like, even if it's unintentional.

              Sometimes it's ok when your bike is an extension of your manhood


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