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Iron Fist re-do

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  • Iron Fist re-do

    Here's a re-do of Iron Fist by himself this time . Pretty much the same pose .

    Now there is no wrinkles in the pants (there abit tighter this time) . Also no cheese effects from his fists ,lol .

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    You did a great job with your adjustments! I really, really dig IF solo here. Excellent use of criticisms.


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      He is one muscular bastard.

      I see you've kept the forward facing feet -- but I must say that they look better here (don't know if you altered them or if they just 'look better to me').

      This is definitely an improvement on the first version.

      I like it
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        I look forward to your work Dog!

        I have a couple of crits, one is the crotch area, there should be a space between the legs, and second, the left shoulder could be more visible since he is facing forward.

        All in all, vast improvements!


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          Version 2 looks much better...your rendering is outstanding dude!
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            Thanks alot for the comments .


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              Great work! Excellent use of crits to really improve.

              My only crit here is his ribbons from his mask look like antennae with the wind blowing that direction. That's really just nitpicky though.
              Cheers, Alex


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                In general, I like your rendering style when it comes to these muscular badasses. The interesting thing about that is I normally would be irritated by over-rendered physiques. In my opinion, you pull it off quite nicely...and I believe it speaks more to your style and artistic point of view.

                Always like looking at your work.
                ~ g0b1in


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                  Dude, he's totally vascular! While I prefer him to be much slimmer (like more of a Bruce Lee build), this is very well done, and I'm diggin' it. You've got a Bisley and Finch style in this one. The only thing that stands out to me, really is that his calves are bigger than his quadriceps.

                  I mean his hands look kinda big too, but that just makes him look like he's packing serious KO power in those mitts. The tight rendering on this really makes me feel like I'm too lazy sometimes
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                    Thanks again for the comments/crits hades, Goblin + Jaguar .

                    Your right Jaguar I have a habit of drawing big calve muscles ,, too big actually .


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