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My Rorschach/Watchmen drawings

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  • My Rorschach/Watchmen drawings

    I did this Rorschach last year for my site. I felt it was time to do a new one for the release of the movie. I think I forgot to post Rorschach here back when I drew him so here it is along with the new piece.

    Adrian Rivero

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    These are great, I can't see a flaw with Rorschach, but thats because I have an untrained eye.

    The second piece's composition is very interesting. The shoulders on the comedian could've been abit wider spread I think. And its hard to notice what is behind Rorschach at first glance because of the difference in shading maybe; I think if you add color, it can be made more sense of at first glance.


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      By the these drawings and inks are sweet.

      your talents would be welcomed in the community projects in which Rorschach is a character, Nite Owl and Carmen Sandiago are in it. just click on my link if your intrested.


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        Fine inkings. I would watch out for the Comedian's arm. I think it's supposed to be flesh, but the inking work makes him look like he's got a wooden arm. That fine-line hatching looks excellent for Rorschach's clothes and just about everything else. Keep 'em coming!
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          Man I love that Rorschach. Do you do a lot of work with white after you ink or is that all just black?
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            Great composition/ angle perception. Some anatomy needs to be rethought. particularly Comedian and the hands. Also, I think it was mentioned above about being discriminant upon adding textures. Did you use dry brush? it seems you used alot of the same defining rendering to the different objects. Just be aware. It can be very effective when trying to convey different textures. All in all they are two pretty solid pieces. Keep it up.

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              Excellent work.

              Only crit is that everything has the same line variation.

              If thats what you wanted intentionaly... kudos...but some variation would have made an excellent piece a little more dynamic.

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                For some reason the line variation seemed to be quite a bit more when I was doing it. But then I brought out some pens and probably nixed the whole thing. I'll watch that more next time.

                The Comedian's arm was inked long-wise instead of with the curvature. I was trying to make the brush lighter towards the light and darker towards the shadow. But it ended up making the arm look like wood. I may go back, paint over it and dry brush with the curvature to make it look more like shadow and less like it is made of wood.

                Thanks guys.


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                  those are pretty good, i would have put a bigger bend in the snapping finger, ah hell who am i kiddin id have ripped it off and had it sticking out his arse.
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                    i dig the Roscharch pic. The 2nd piece, the layering of the characters gets a little lost between commedians hand on his hip and the victim behind him. Not sure if a halo would help or not.
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                      This is awesome work. I like the first drawing a lot. You captured the aura that is Rorschach. The second one is good, but something about how the Comedian is situated seems off.

                      Otherwise, great work.
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