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    I just started posting here. I'd like to show off some of my sketches and pen work. I'm thinking about submitting to some companies to be an inker. I am penciling a comic right now also so inking will be take less time and a little less work.

    My comic character: SUDDEN DEATH

    Another character of mine called The Jist

    Horror Convention Brochure Cover art I did

    If you all like these I'd be happy to post more.

    Thanks for looking!
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    A few more

    Portrait of Nick Cave in Photoshop with Wacom Tablet

    What if Gambit was in a Disney movie?

    Jedi sketch

    Thanks, folks!


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      These are nice. I'm trying to figure out your identity though. They all look like they were done by different artists.
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        Nope. I just do lots of different things. I'm trying to focus more on comics right now though.

        Thanks for the comments.


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          These are shifty. I'm trying to figure out whose indentity you stole. They were done by different artists.
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            If you could only draw stick figures, you would still score a tremendous number of points from me for Nick Cave.
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              I really like the first three that you posted, specially the first one.

              Are the other ones from a while back? It seems like you can see a sharp evolution in skills from the last to the first.


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                Stupid me, the year is right on your signature

                Either way, I would like to see more of your recent stuff.


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                  Originally posted by The M View Post
                  These are shifty. I'm trying to figure out whose indentity you stole. They were done by different artists.
                  woah, i dont think its fair to straight up say he stole this stuff. yes its different but i see aspects that are similar. he said he trying different things with each.

                  and most of its very good. especially the horror brochure.
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