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Trail of Red Cells

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  • Trail of Red Cells

    A recent member of my illustration portfolio, oft rejected


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    For me, the pink of her lips actually interferes with the red of the blood - and makes it hard to see it clearly.

    I would probably alter the colour of her lips to a lighter shade so that the blood was clearer.

    There's also a tangent between her heart shaped locket and the open zip of her coat. The locket kind of sits in that triangular 'v' shape 'too perfectly'. I would possibly have had some visible skin between the botton of the locket and the zip -- just so that heart shape could stand alone and show off its classic shape without interference from the lines of the zip/coat. I might have played down the reflective shine on the locket as well.

    I like the 'feel' of the pic generally though - and think the colours are pretty good (apart from the lip colour which I've already mentioned).

    Ps. Welcome to Penciljack
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