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    Hey, Ink!
    Good to see you following a strong light source here, but I see a few things that could use rethinking:

    The lines really need to be black. Having them gray flattens out the picture- you lose a lot of volume provided in the inks.
    You need to tighten up your selections a lot. I'm seeing color areas bleed into each other a lot, and that just doesn't work with this style.
    Your shadow areas need work.
    Right now they're just local colors with pure black added in to darken it. This leaves it way too saturated in the shadows, and then it looks pretty weird with the very desaturated highlights.

    So desaturate your shadows! Add a bunch of steel blue to 'em, so red is almost purple, and then you've got a great base for your light.
    Your midtone areas need work.
    Or rather, they just need to be there. Right now you go from shadow to highlight with no midtone, and it's not working.
    With a lightsource like this, the midtone should be the most saturated part of your picture. So put some of those in there where you've just got highlight, and then I think your highlight tones should be okay brightness-wise.
    Work on your forms a bit:
    Right now her face is looking super flat and you've got strong highlights on the wrong side of her breasts and hair. Get (or shoot) some reference on her face if you need to.

    Looking at the lines I see that Adam put in two light sources- a strong primary coming from viewer left and a weaker secondary light coming from viewer right and behind Wondy.
    I think you would do well to add a gentle blue rimlight along her left side where it's indicated in the inks. Not too strong, but enough to offset the super bright warm sunlight.

    Glad to see you working on your volume more! It's definitely showing.
    Keep on improving and you'll be a powerhouse in no time.
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