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    This is an X-Files drawing i did a few months back, i did this because the new movie was out in the theater... my girlfriend and i were going back through the dvds from season 1 and watching the series over again. Now the eyes are not my favorite (i think their to cartoonie...). I did this in pencil first, then inked it with a brush and a pen. Then did the rest in photoshop... the clouds are costume brushes... i love the aliens and the tone aswell... Hope you do too! leave a comment, please be kind!

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    You're right about the eyes. Although Gillian Anderson does have beautiful doe-like eyes, just not that doe-like. You would do better to look at some reference photos. You can retain your style and still draw a believable Mulder and Scully. Just pick a few identifiable aspects of each of thier faces to really nail and you'll have a better likeness. Besides the eyes, which identifies most efficiently, Mulder has real distinctive hair, nose . lips and chin. If you really try a observe his details you'll make a better impact in your drawing.
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