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One Of My Best Drawings!

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  • One Of My Best Drawings!

    This is a much better Werewolf!! My hand feels better now so I can draw to my best! So this is a pretty good drawing!
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    This is amazing man! the only thing that could use some work is the abs tother than that. its amazng!


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      you need to think more about where lines need to be because right now your adding alot of lines in alot of random places that don't really help the figure , less is more y'know that old tale. And also this is pretty decent I think the face and the fur are the weak spots theres just not much of an expression in the face it kind of looks like an animal skull was placed ontop. And the hair is just a bunch of lines that serve no particular purpose.
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        I'm glad your hand feels better, mate.
        It must have been really frustrating.

        Now, the pic.....

        Other than the things mentioned before - I'd add that you need to be consistent with your anatomy. For instance, this guy's feet are totally different from one another. The foot to OUR right (his left foot) is MUCH deeper and has a very large, big toe - which is crowned with a similarly large claw.
        However, the other foot has 3 toes which are all roughly the same size as one another - so the absence of that big toe and large claw really shows up.

        Hope that helps
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          also.. you drew one hard shadow cast on his lower leg but none else anywhere... if you follow that shadow pattern he should have a hard shadow on his torso cast by his arm that crosses it, under his jaw onto the fur... that type of stuff...
          one of his thumbs look like its got too many joints and the other not enough. one arm looks like its got two elbows... its all in the details my friend... try your best to keep track of them.
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            If you're worried about exactly where to put the shadows, you can always draw them onto a piece of tracing paper above your original inks. That way, if you go wrong - you won't mess up your inks.
            Then, when you think you've got them all right on the tracing paper - transfer them to your main pic.
            Its a good technique when you're first 'getting a feel for' shading.
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