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    Here is Aspen Matthews and some DC girls. I used a new scanner and when I darkened up in CS4 the smooth lead went all blotchy. Not sure why..

    Anyways 2h on comic boards. Crits welcome!

    Thanks for lookin!

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    I really like the first one, especially the detail in the hair and the water. I don't know about the wooden fence and the tree though, they look kinda outa place in the drawing.
    Tumblr yay.


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      I keep searching for something to nitpick (it's hard finding stuff with your work). When I do find something it almost seems kind of petty to mention it. But I do see a minor problem with all of the gals' jawlines. Their mouths don't seem to fit just quite right in them.


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        The rendering is decent, but the figures seem pretty stiff. It also seems like they are all cut off at the legs, some minor anatomy issues, neck too thick or breasts are off a bit, but not by all that much. I just think these figures just need a bit more life/looseness too them.


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          i like the anatomy sans the previous mentioned stuff but it seems like your backgrounds are too small for the characters...
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            I'm not certain, but something looks a bit off with Zatanna's legs in the second piece. It seems as though her legs are attached a bit lower then they should be.

            I also noted the chin issue on all of the girls, but for the life of me I can't come up with an option to fix it that would look any better. I'm sure we can find someone with a suggestion though...
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