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Farewell, Number 6

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  • Farewell, Number 6

    I originally did this drawing while watching a revival of ''The Prisoner'' on KCET, back in the '70's. That show, plus his role in ''Ice Station Zebra'', are the main reasons I've always liked him so much as an actor. THEN he shows up as Longshanks in ''Braveheart''. He never did appear in enough movies & TV for me.

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    This is Patick McGoohan if anyone was wondering.
    It's a decent picture, but I won't make any suggestions for alteration since I don't think you're going to tweak a thirty year old picture.
    The Prisoner was a great show, I never saw it when it originally aired (I'm old but not that old ). Well put together and maddeningly eccentric.


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      Right, no tweaks-just put it up to honor the man. (By the way, I am old enough, and I did see it in it's original run, as well as some of ''Secret Agent'', which was rumored to be the same character as the prisoner.


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