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The Vegetable Wars: Killer Carrot

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  • The Vegetable Wars: Killer Carrot

    Hey everyone.

    It's been quite a while since I posted, here's a pinup from an online comic project I've been working on with a friend (he's writing, I'm penciling/'inking'/coloring).

    Hope you like it -

    as always, constructive comments/crits welcome!

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    Hey this is so cool and i like the color....
    Be Happy & Make All Happy!!!!!


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      Thanks, SilverSkies!


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        this is absolutely charming. u my friend are talented. i just wanna hug ya for this its so cool.


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          Well... turning violence from people to vegetables is a nice step to save our childrens brains from all that killing around in movies and games. But I'm not even trying to guess what are they going to do to the next carrot they'll eat after they see this. Anyways the picture looks cool and its surely an original idea. Maybe the inking combined with shading flattens the image and thats a pity. Keep on that, I'd like to see more from your project.


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            Thanks InkatHeart!
            Very glad you liked it.

            wheelchairman - Thanks for the comments.
            I agree, chopping vegetables would be a much better way to get out ones aggressions (as opposed to chopping people). I can't take credit for the idea though, my friend came up with the concept.

            The pencil drawing did 'pop' a bit more, I probably should have spent some more time on the shading. I did some quick gradients and got caught.
            Although I did like the way that the colors matched their eyes at sundown...



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