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  • Twilight...yeah, sorry

    Updating my illustration portfolio. Any input is appreciated.
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    yeah you should be sorry...
    other than that. it looks nice
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      I think the upper parts of her arm thats holding the vampire guys face is far too short. His arm on that side seems a bit on the short side aswell.
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        Originally posted by Telekinetic Ketchup View Post
        I think the upper parts of her arm thats holding the vampire guys face is far too short. His arm on that side seems a bit on the short side aswell.
        It's the foreshortening that is the issue, the way it's done here it makes the arm appear flat and short. The coloring is making that section look a bit flat as well.

        The guy's arm I don't have an issue with, but I'd suggest losing the color separation on the girl's arm where the elbow connects. Also round out her tricep a bit to make the foreshortening look more accurate.

        Otherwise, it's a pretty nice picture, I like the design elements you put into their clothes. The moon seems a bit desaturated, try brightening it up a little to make it a bit easier on the eyes.


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          Thanks for the input, I might need to play around with that arm a bit more but here are some initial tweaks.
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            As much as I dislike the subject matter, this is a very nice piece of work. In particular, this is probably the first piece on the subject that I've come across that actually establishes how creepy Edward is. He is quite a bit older then Bella, after all. That, and here he looks a whole lot more like an actual vampire then a generic pale prettyboy with superpowers.
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              I like that piece. It reminds me of Michael Gaydos and David Mack (heh, apparently my main feature here, on PencilJack, is comparing artists to other famous artists ).

              I think it could be a great cover for the novels.

              After writing this post I like it even more and I'm not really sure why! It just looks very good to me. Can't say anything constructive, sorry.

              Okay, I do agree with people before me about the girl's right arm. It looks like it's weirdly short.


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                I'm not keen on the beige halo that surrounds the two figures. Firstly, as a colour, it doesn't sit perfectly well with the other colours in the piece. Secondly, there are a few places where it doesn't even really seem needed. For instance, the entire area round their heads (on the light blue background) doesn't need it, IMO. Its just kinda like an additional line of colour information there. Also, you've got the halo separating the edge of Edward's body line from his cloak (to the left of the picture) - and that doesn't feel right to me. If his body 'merged' with the cloak - he'd look like more of an imposing figure because his mass would be increased. As it stands, you're separating him from that.

                Anyway, they're just personal opinions and others might see things differently -- so I'm interested to see what other advice you get bout that halo
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                  I'm that the moon behind them? because if so, why is it in front of the tree's? and why is it that they're able to cast a shadow on it? I think the shadow part might just be from the halo, which I agree with beastie that it doesn't belong...but other than that and the above mentioned cloak problem, it's a good pic!
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                    Yeah. I'm not too fond of the halo either. Nice drawing, though.

                    My other problem with it is that you drew twilight.
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                      I love the background design. I love the way her dress falls around her. I do see the problems with her arm and certain other issues related to the basic drawing, but perhaps my biggest problem is with the harshness of the inking on their faces and upper bodies compared to the rest of the drawing. Might just be me, but it's a little a jarring.


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