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    Hi everyone - a belated Happy New Year to all, I' finished inking this Randy Green page over the holidays, so thought I'd post it with the pencils for critique :-) As ever it's mostly no.2 brush, with some quill and rapidograph in there for good measure!

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    i wish i could draw good like that


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      Inks look really good man, really crisp and not a wisp out of place,
      must take you some time.
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        I like this. Nice clean lines, great contours, and good amount of contrast. What kind of ink did you use?

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          Looks nice, but I'd say that it looks a little stiff and flat. I think that's because of lot of the line weight variance in the pencils is smoothed out and more even in the inks, which makes the figures feel less organic. Overall it looks quite good, though.
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            Thanks for the crits guys, it's really appreciated as more often than not, we've been staring at the same page for so long that even glaring errors cannnot be seen (wood for the trees and all that!)

            ssjtom, it probably took about 8hrs in total to ink - Xmas got in the way a bit! Really pleased you like it though, took a bit longer than usual because I was working over a style I wasn't used to.

            Jaketerlecki - this was done using Speedball Super Black - first time I've really used it, was a Black Magic fan before but really liked how this stuff flowed, just really need a good shake!

            Killingyouguy - Yeah, I think I have taken quite a bit of the angularness of the pencils away with my inks unintentionally - I think it's a combo of having used mostly brush and never having inked this kind of work before. Still, it's all a learning process!


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              Nice and clean here man, you do Randy's pencils proud.
              Everything is for the best.


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