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  • Wolverine Series

    Hey, Long time no post around here.
    I just finished some work on a series of Wolverine drawings for a Draw-Off Contest.

    Click on the images for larger image files.

    I thought that I would share them with all of you to get some Feedback. I know that I have all sorts of Tangent love, I hope to remedy that one day.

    Anyway, lemme know what you think and thanks for lookin'.

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    I love it! Keep it up


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      awesome! keep up the good work.


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        legs are looking small, but i'd say you have one of the best wolverine's i've ever seen. he's supposed to be short and stout.


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          Thanks for the comments guys!
          Lone . . . It is one hell of an honor for me to read your words. While I'm not deserving of it, it makes me blush none the less.

          I have trouble with the larger scale drawings and getting the proportions right. It's something that I'll have to work on.

          Thanks again.


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            Very nice pencil work , Super clean lines . Really like the look of Sabretooth and the expressions on Wolverine . The bicep size on Wolverine just looks abit over done compared to the rest of his arms . The arms also look abit short .


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              wow i like that wolverine


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                DogSoldier! Thanks for the crit man, I can get a little carried away at times

                Thanks for the comment Mamayo! I'm glad you could stop in and take a look!


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                  Yeah I like this Wolverine myself, and your detail work is nice. The one in the middle is my fav., kinda reminds me of Keron Grant. Good stuff.
                  Everything is for the best.


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                    Great idea for a contest - these look good. My only crit is the claws - they look too thin. More like pencils (in the last drawing) than blades, even with the straight on view. Besides that, great pencilwork.
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                      first off amazing work and pencils but the only criy i have is that i think the eyes are too small and squenty
                      Originally posted by By some Guy


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                        Do you need crits? lol

                        I've always dug your work and youve been around for awhile and that is your style. I think You work better on bigger characters.
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                          I think the Arms are off on the first two pics... Specifically the Right arm on the first and the left arm on the 2nd. I can see some problems with the perspective of the pose. The details are phenomenal though. Very impressive.
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                            Wow great work! The composition of the first piece, being framed by Omega Reds (?) tentacle and the impending pounce of ol' Sabre Toothe is great.... it leads us to the the focale point of Wovies face nicely..... I absolutely love the arms, specifically how you did the right bicep on the on the second piece..... thanks for sharing!
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                              Thank for the comments guys! I really appreciate it. I make a lot of mistakes guys. It's not as easy for me as it used to be, not that I was any better before, but I'm going to try to keep at it. Always a fan and never a pro!

                              Andrew, I'd love to know what books you're workin' on these days your stuff is always too HOT!

                              Thanks again.


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