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Batman & Superman / Poison Ivy & Batgirl

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  • Batman & Superman / Poison Ivy & Batgirl

    These war a Christmas gift to my niece and nephew. I did the line on bristol board with an ink brush the colored in Painter with backgrounds done in Photoshop. I had the original inked art and finished digitally colored print framed side by side so they have the original art along with the color all in one frame. The kids seemed to really like it Christmas day when they opened it up. I'm just posting the final colored versions here.
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    i like the dudes, something about the girls seem off though.
    I miss when we all drew like Joe MAD and argued about the Matrix


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      I think that Batman pic is awesome , the color, the expression ,everything . The rest looks good also but not as good as the Batman .


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        Very cool overall. Batman especially. And those backgrounds are sweet.
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          Originally posted by NickGuy View Post
          i like the dudes, something about the girls seem off though.
          I think it may have to do with them having normal proportions instead of superheroine proportions.
          It's like when I've dressed up as superheroines, it never quite matches the look of the characters on paper; you just end up seeming too frumpy in spots and not enough round in other spots. Ah, but what can you do.


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            I dig the coloring in the backgrounds nice effects.
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              The coloring is beautiful. The characters themselves need work though. The anatomy especially. Watch the size of the hands. If you increase the hand size make sure you increase the head size to compensate.


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