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    I sat up watching Pulp Fiction last night and felt the need to draw this. Don't know why but here it is.

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    I take it Uma's been telling fibs?
    Thats why she's got the massive Pinocchio nose, yeah?

    Only teasing.

    It definitely needs shrinking down though. Its far too big.

    I like the Travolta panel best.....but theres a weird problem with the little circle in front of his eyes. I assume its a clock on the wall in the distance -- but it kinda looks like he's keeping a little ball suspended in front of his face using his special telekinetic smoke trick.

    The Uma panel has exactly the same thing. She looks like she's staring at the 'little disc' in front of her eyes -- but again, I'm assuming its something on the wall behind her (a fire bell?).

    I know they're probably there in the film stills -- but i'd erase them to keep the panels clearer and to remove the background/foreground confusion.

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      Yeah I see that about the circles. They are lights on the wall in the background. Also, I probably erased the nose 6 times trying to get it. Thanks for the crits.


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        Ah, lights. I imagine they're in 'out of focus' in the film? - so less noticeable etc.

        As for the nose......I'm sure you'll get it in the end. Uma's features are all quite strange in reality though.
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          I like Travolta's pose.. it really feels chilled like in the movie. Uma's nose looks really a bit too big. Try using thinner line for it, it does much work in making things look less massive... and try the same with lips maybe... Other than that I like those, nice job!


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