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    Character Design for round 10 of Project CBRunway over at teh CBR art forums.

    I didn't finish the colors that I wanted on time and so I submitted this one, but I worked on them past the deadline and ended up with this:

    The Empress was born under the sign of the Virgo and into a military life and would eventually command her own kingdom and along with it an army. She is very kind, understanding and compassionate to those in need, but very stern, disciplined and efficient when dealing with her foes.

    I tried to keep it sexy and very lady like, but not with taste since Virgo has the strongest female traits of all the signs. I incorporated the Virgo sign into here staff blade. I added small portions of armor to her outfit to help get across her powerful demeanor. I didn't want to go to girly with the colors like pink or anything so I made them a strong royal blue with brown leather. She also has her Carnelian birthstone on her chest. I wanted her costume to say she is a leader, lady like, kind, but stern and stands by what she believes in.
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    The picture looks pretty good. But what I find a bit worse is the choice of such a blue color and also the use of those blue clothes. They look like latex or something. As for the golden armor and weapon - they're great. Overally nice work.


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      something about this just screams Valkyrie Profile....Maybe it's just me though. Anyway nice design, the only thing I think could have been different is her staff which could have been at least body length or maybe longer.

      Oh on an anatomical note her thighs are tapering way too much to her knees, that's about all I can see really.
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        I think the final image turned out really nice. The finished colors really added a ton to the pic. Those thighs are definitely distracting though - it's one of the first things I noticed.

        Did you use Jennifer Garner as a facial reference? If not, man, that's an uncanny likeness.


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          I see what you guys mean about the thighs. Female anatomy was always tricky for me to get a hold of. No, no Garner reference, just coincidence.
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            Originally posted by krikkit13 View Post
            Did you use Jennifer Garner as a facial reference? If not, man, that's an uncanny likeness.
            I was thinkin the same thing.

            Very cool pic.
            My scratchings:


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              She Looks Like Sidney Bristow!!!

              good work!
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