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Few peices, looking for crit

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  • Few peices, looking for crit

    Hey all,

    New forums member. Here are some quickie pieces I finished. I am thinking about applying to my university's art animation program. I was wondering what yall thought. Too stiff, too generic, over all quality level?

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    Welcome to the site!

    I'm sure a forumer more skilled with crits would be more helpful... but since I'm awake at a weird hour...

    Are these intended to be finished pieces or sketches? If they're the former, you should probably take the time to clean them up... It's difficult to make out details as they are and everything. If they're the latter, they're more at home in the "Works In Progress" section.

    Aside from that, I think paying attention to facial structure is something you can work on in general. Are you using any references for your stuff? Guide lines?

    You seem to be drawing ears a little high on their heads and I think more natural looking eyes would help a lot.

    One more thing... I just have to ask why two of them are missing eyebrows.
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      Welcome to the site deadfishes.


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