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I draw occasionally.

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    Ditto what shoryuken said about the problems and how you overcame them. It'd be interesting to hear about.

    Anyway, these are great dude. I love seeing your stuff, and don't mind waiting a while for them. Also, Aqua Leung is on my wish list this year, so if someone in my family doesn't put some cash in your pocket for your work, I will


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      Well, it was mostly getting the lighting to be as drastic and realistic enough. It was also weird because I wanted to make sure there's no mistake that it's Pats uniform, and that particular blue is easy to screw up for some reason.

      I color things fairly simple. It's the line work locked into one layer, then the "colors" on another layer and that's it. When it's something like this I do one extra layer for the background, and one more for additional lighting.

      I tried using some photoshop filters, which I'm generally against. I used a motion blur around Brady to give it that depth in the BG. and I even used lens flare for the flashing bulbs.

      In the end I'm still not 100% happy with it, because I feel like I stepped over that line of preserving the BW linework, leaving it open to be assumed that it's a vector or something like that.

      I would post the BW but I actually lost all my art for the last 4 months in a hard drive failure a few weeks ago. I luckily posted this small version online before that happened.

      Oh and thanks for ordering that book. It's going to look a little different from my current work, as it's mostly from 2005..
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        Man, I feel like it's been ages since I've seen any of your work (actually I think it has been).

        I really love the direction your art is taking, a nice blend of mostly french authors from what I can identify, with a pop design / color approach which makes your work pretty unique.
        Some years back, I thought you were maybe over-simplifying your lines, I find them perfectly balanced right now.

        Just out of curiosity, on your comic page, it says "le monde diplomatique", which is a pretty famous and respected newspaper over here. How did your art ended up being in this rather serious publication?

        On the side Ha! I've also ordered Aqua Leung, didn't know it was that old.


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          You draw with a mighty pimp hand, my friend. Love to see it when it shows up.
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            Hey thanks Jel, your work has come a long way since I last saw it as well.

            I enjoy the movement I find in french artists work, so I strive to capture it in my work. I think I'm always learning with my line work, but I'm just now starting to feel comfortable with a brush.

            Le Monde Diplomatique contacted me and asked me to do something. I'm actually doing a more serious piece for them in addition to this one. Aqua Leung was started in 2005, took a long break, finished it in 2007/early 2008.

            My current work can be seen here. (big updates the end of Jan.)

            Party Bear

            Thank you for ordering Aqua though.

            Thanks John!
            Paul Maybury overload.
            I'm Paul Maybury!

            gamertag paulsome


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              Originally posted by Paul M. View Post
              Just read through the first few pages. Awesome work.
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                really nice stuff. I love the style and your colours are beautiful.


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