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  • Warlock

    Just a character design. I like the boots, I wish I could actually make something like that. The idea was normal platform boots with extra bits added on to make the foot shape appear different.

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    I like the detail and painting style you've used with this.
    I think that the green energy is a little TOO green against the rest of the muted colour scheme though.

    The design reminds me of a couple of characters that used to be in a kids tv show. Can't remember the name of it....not Terrahawks.....but something similar.

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      I completely agree with Beastie about the green being too much, but the character it-self looks original and I like the painted style, really brings some life to the colours.
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        You should check out GWAR (the band), the guitarist "Balsac" had stilty boots just like that that he wore while playing on stage.

        I can't really find a good shot of him...hrm.

        This is pretty cool. Not a big fan of his head as compared to the rest of him, but I still dig.
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          Actually, if you ever have watched the Chappelle show, Dave chappelle had a skit where he wre something eerily similar to the hoof boots this guy has.
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            Nice design m8 the chest armor and shoulders remind me of a world of warcraft armor from a warlock i realy like the staff man good work !


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