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Castlevania pin-up

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  • BringerOfStorms
    Hello Gunther,

    A couple things stood out to me right off the bat.
    A) it is very bright for what my expectation of a haunted castle would be. Even with the stained glass windows I think a darker, eerier atmosphere would serve the picture better.
    B) the missing detail in the cogs and clock tower mechanics is a bit distracting. With the forced perspective (a subject I am not great at... where's Smitty at...) they pop out even more. Taking time on the details of a base drawing which is intended for coloring practice is always worth it. Reference is your friend in this case.

    A lot of really good tutorials are on Youtube if you take a peek. I have posted an example below (she smudges and blends and uses color concepts that are cool... but any number of the tutorials on there are a great starting point).

    Thanks for posting. I really dig the concept and look forward to seeing your development in coloring.


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  • GuntherGoltz
    started a topic Castlevania pin-up

    Castlevania pin-up

    Hey guys, thought I'd dump a piece of art here for critiques. I wanted to do a drawing to practice some digital coloring, (which I really have NO idea what I'm doing digitally as far as coloring), and practice some techniques. Needless to say, I would absolutely say that I overworked this piece to a bloody pulp! [emoji23]

    While I had fun doing it, I would say my week points are the botched 5 point perspective, some size relation issues, and obviously the coloring.

    Any tips on coloring in Clip Studio Paint?

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