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  • page from self published piece

    this is page 1 from chapter 2 from my self-published book:
    5 Chapter of the Universe
    I would love to receive some feedback

    thank you and enjoy



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    Welcome to PG! This looks pretty cool, but I noticed some wonky things.

    After checking out all the machines in the scene, I found at least 3 different horizons: one each for the top left, top middle, and bottom right corner. The first two machines each have their own different horizons above the frame; the latter has a horizon in the shot for its top section, according to its left vanishing point.

    For some of the machines, like that top section of the machine in the bottom right corner, the 2nd/right vanishing point is supposed to be super far away, but the object looks distorted; the lines that would normally lead to the right vanishing point seem to lead slightly away from the horizon (downward instead of up), the distance from which would only increase as the lines continued.

    Since you're using 3-pt perspective, you'll want the horizon out of the shot. You'll also want to pick one horizon and have all vanishing points lead to it, even if each object has their own set of vanishing points.

    Definitely take some time to search through PJ to find some of Smitty's perspective critiques, where he often discusses horizon placement and distortion in regards to 2- and 3-pt perspective. And if you really want to study up on perspective, Ernest Norling's Perspective Made Easy is recommended a lot in these forums as one of the best, if not the best, primers on the subject.

    On the plus side, you've got some nice, diligent linework going on with your inks.
    Phillip Ginn


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      Ok cool
      Thanks for the ino


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        That's "thanks for the info"


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          You're welcome.

          (By the way, you can also edit your posts if you need to ).
          Phillip Ginn


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            Techno mushroom?
            Looks cool.


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                Crazy stuff, man! Keep it up, and apply the suggestions everyone's given. Very cool!


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                  Thanks. Will definitely follow the advice!


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