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  • Pencils - Rocket Raccoon

    Pencils By Sean Ledbetter

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    You've got a major scale problem going on here. I did a drawover gif to explain.

    In the first image, I recreated the throne room. Right now, you have a very narrow doorway. It's got to be BIGGER! At least 4 people abreast need to walk through the door. So used a single VP perspective like you did, and I made it bigger and decided the average guard is 6 feet tall. Mainly did this because Rocket is 3' tall. At least by the GotG standards.

    The second image, I extrapolated out from the guards waist (3 feet) and brought a line over to the middle of the red carpet where rocket is walking. Then made a box to encompass Rocket's body. Then I used the perspective guides to bring him forward in the picture. I tried to make him the same size as yours to show the scale issues. Also it helps to frame characters to bring importance to them, and the doorway framing Rocket did this perfectly.

    The third and fourth image are just showing that two Rocket's match what a Six foot guard would look like where Rocket is standing.

    The final image is a more non nonchalant walking Rocket. Try to capture movement whenever possible.

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      Rocky isn't human, he isn't a raccoon. He's not anthropomorphic as much as he's big foot. Not bigfoot as in Sasquatch, big foot animation as in: Mighty Mouse, Bugs Bunny, Woody Woodpecker.

      You don't want to be restricted by reality yet you do want to acknowledge attributes in a caricature sort of way. The fur gives the illusion of massive shoulders and thighs; tiny little hands; up on his toes...



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