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  • hulk vs spiderman

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    Thanks for sharing. You've certainly put a lot of effort into this.
    I would suggest and encourage you to spend some time studying perspective and anatomy.

    The structure of the figures seems to not be based around a central mass/construction form.. and because of that details seem to be in odd places and/or in odd proportion.
    There also seems to be no actual vanishing point and some things are drawn almost as if they are meant to be in perspective, but it's an arbitrary perspective that does not point to any sort of VP or HL (vanishing point or horizon line).

    If you need pointers to materials about any of that or just aren't sure what I mean, just drop a reply or PM me. You're clearly willing to put in the work so getting some guidance behind that pencil/pen will probably do you a world of good.

    That said.. you've put so much work into this I almost want to paint it.. like a Bisley piece or something.. where things are intentionally wonky but then the rendering is hyper-realistic on purpose..
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