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  • Harley Quinn

    pencils by John Royle and inks by "Jagdish"

    Lots of fun to do!
    I colour stuff...

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    Wow, this looks so vibrant. I really like the way you made that Flash Gordon thing at the top of the chair pop out of the page. Nice halo lighting on it. I'm not a colour guy at all, but I have a few minutes to kill and am therefore trying to nitpick your great piece.

    The green rim lighting on her right arm. It's only on her arm and abdomen, not on her head or legs, which tells me that it's probably a weak light source very close to her... like the square screen of that guage. But the lighting on the switch/panel tells me, no, the source of the green light is off screen to the left. But the green lighting is also on the front of the chair, so it must have two sources... but it's not on her legs?

    The lightbulb by her head is casting light on the Flash Gordon thing next to it, but not her head.

    Her shadow on the wall tells me the light is coming from the bottom left area of the panel. And the green on the wall diminishes at the left and brightens to the right, but the green on her does the opposite.

    Again, I'm not a colour guy, so take it with a grain of salt. It looks very vibrant, I'm just nitpicking.

    If I was shading this piece, I would put a solid light source on the bottom left and cast noir shadows across her abdomen (cast by the chair) and face (cast by the knife), basically spotlighting her eyes by covering the rest of her face in shadow, but I totally love that noir look and would want her to look sinister instead of glamourous. Glamourous is probably the way to colour this, though.

    Done nitpicking a really nice piece. Going to try to sleep again. Boo insomnia.


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