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HeMan.. green lantern... gambit....all together?

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  • HeMan.. green lantern... gambit....all together?

    Okay long story short.. I get commissioned to do a multiverse piece. Even get a 136 page PDF of characters and asked to pick. I pick and a couple of revisions the guy says go ahead. I start.. like an idiot. I get halfway through pencils and he disappears. Unfortunately I liked it and kept going till it was done. Now I post it and he prolly finds it for free. Whatever.

    Anyways I used reference for the fist time ever on some of it. Felt it helped, and I have been sketching a TON. I would love any feedback and crits. Thanks guys as always.

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    Awesome picture.
    Conductra is a character not drawn too often.
    I remember about five to ten years back, before WildGuard as most people would know it, arguing with Todd Nauck that he should change her costume from the blue and white bunny suit as I called it to something with more realism. His response was . He wanted a fun book, not a realistic book, and my bad to try and stop him.
    It turned out pretty well for him apparently.
    Anyways, excellent picture once again.


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      Thanks very much! I appreciate the feedback.

      Yeah I was a little unsure how to draw her until I got into it.


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        I really love the attention to detail on this, but the
        faces are all a bit off though(cept the chick), they
        seem to be kinda pushed in to the neck to much,
        n’ GL nose looks like its broken.

        other then that this is cool lookin, nice job!

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          very nice pencil..... I like it!!!!!!!
          Be Happy & Make All Happy!!!!!


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            Nice looking piece so far, but I couldn't help but notice He-Man's arm is disappearing behind Green Lantern's chest symbol. Not too sure if you did it intentionally but it looks odd as He-Man is part of the middle ground of the picture and Green Lantern is the background.
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              I don't know... it's like you got the skills to draw all the pieces... but it just falls apart when you put them together. The faces are Liefeld like in their similarities (He man and gambit), the layers are not defined (He-mans arm dissappearing behind Green Lantern's chest shield even though Green Lantern is in the background) and the raised arms, while rendered nicely, are anatomically off. Conductra is the best part of the pic and pure hotness.... you should totally lightbox her into her own pic...
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                Nightside has no right shoulder.But besides that I think it's a pretty cool pic.


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