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  • Titan duel!

    This is another piece with characters from my comic Good Game. I think I've improved quite a bit in my coloring since the last piece ... At least I hope I have since I've colored 29 pages of another comic between the two (which I'll soon post here for crits). I'd love any feedback or thoughts on this illustration so just hit me.

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    Credit for ambition. You've sold the idea. But, there's a flat feel overall. This comes from the all surface, no structure approach. You're drawing lines not forms. You're drawing from the outside in rather than the inside out.

    You don't fall backwards when delivering the winning card. Falling backwards is for the loser. The winner will lean in. Start with a line of action and build on top of it. Use circles to rough in the masses and then bisect them to convert 2D circles into 3D spheres. Never draw lines!!! Use lines to draw form, weight, volume.

    Note how the head, when started with a circle, bisected into a sphere, allows me to place the nose as a mass forward of the skull, rather than a flat squiggle under the eyes.

    Simplify your outlines. Learn how shirts and blouses are constructed (left over right for a man's shirt; right over left for a woman's blouse) Note if the pants bunch at waist crotch and knee then the pant leg will rise up at the bottom.

    I'll recommend it for anyone interested in drawing, whether they're interested in big foot or not but, for someone with a more purely cartoonish bent, Preston Blair's book "Animation" should prove invaluable to you.



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      Thank you for your input! This seems to be a recurring critique I get, about how it looks flat and unstructured. I do use spheres and 3d forms when I build my characters but I guess somewhere on the road to refinement those structures get lost. Or maybe I wing it too much and should structure it up even more to start with. Anyhow this is something I'm constantly thinking about and will do even more now!


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        practice makes perfect! on the other hand though, great use of color!! Your separation of the warm foreground characters play perfect on top of the cool colors of the monsters in the background. Keep it up!


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          Thank you, that was precisely what I had in mind with the coloring so it's nice you think it worked. I often seem to go for the orange/blue combination though and I should probably in future pieces try to go for different color combinations so I don't get too linear. I haven't thought about this before but maybe others have this problem too that one uses a certain combination of colors without thinking about it.


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