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  • Flagsmasher Commission

    Wrapped this up this weekend. Never heard of this character before but I always love drawing these kinds of characters.

    He wanted flagsmasher standing over a defeated Capt America. The Muhammdi Ali famous pose came to mind. So that's how I worked it out.

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    Wow, I really like it.

    My only criticism is that his right arm seems wrong to me. If his hand is going to be where it is, his humourous bone shouldn't be vertical, it should foreshortened at an angle so that the elbow is further back from the viewer. Imo.

    But daaaamn... the flag in the bg and the cloth on Flagsmasher really jump out at me. I love the way you rendered it. As soon as I figure what it is that's so eye-catching about the bottom of his cape, I'm going to do my best to ape it. Reminds me of Kevin Nowlan crossed with Mignola.


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      Also I tried to go to to see more of your artwork, but Firefox wouldn't let me browse there because something wasn't set up properly and it's a security risk. That might be costing you viewers.


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        You are your own best model. You don't even need a mirror. Stand, lean over, note your hands even with the knee. How do you get the hand up towards the belt? by lifting the elbow behind the back leaving the upper arm near parallel to our view. Use perspective, foreshortening and light to get that elbow back.

        The high hip holds the weight. To hold the weight straighten the leg.



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          Thank you for your comments and feedback, I agree know looking at the angles. I was using the Ali picture as the basis and probably missed somethings in transition.

          As regards to my blog, you can find alot of my art over at behance.

          You can't succeed unless you fail-pigeonmilk


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            Smitty and Dredd are right on the money, but great piece nonetheless.


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              Love the inks, but yeah, do what Smitty says.
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