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  • Amazing Spider-Man

    This is my very first post, so I thought I would share my latest completed piece. This was drawn and inked by hand, and I added a water color wash for the shadows. The colors were completed digitally in Photoshop.

    I have aspirations to one day be a published comic book artist, so I would love to hear your thoughts, tips, and suggestions. I am always looking for ways to improve!



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    The inverted triangle composition isn't really doing it for me (I know that's not really helpful ). The peter parker likeness needs work (chin too triangular ). All the heads are nearly the same size, need variety there. The blending of elements needs work (doc ock into black cat for instance ); many compositions of this type use heavy shadows for blending. I like spidey above his symbol, although the perspective on the symbol doesn't seem to match the figure. Good effort though, there's a lot of hard work here.

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