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  • Ashes to ashes

    I know there's much room to improve. I would be very thankful for any comment and critique

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    I love the color choices and the bat is very cool. My crit would be.. I'm not sure what is happening. Is the bat landing from attacking superman? Why is superman looking elsewhere? And superman's legs could use more muscle definitions. The lack of definition compared to his upper body makes it look like he's wearing spandex for upper body and some thick pj material for his lower body.


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      it is hard to figure out. it kind of looks like giant batman. and his arms look too long and his head too small. is he grabbing the camera? the one from which we view the scene. superman is like, "whatever." what are you referring to with the title "ashes to ashes"? i see no fire or ashes. if anything i see rain and that is the opposite of ashes. i expected an "evil dead" drawing when i saw the title. i like the colors.
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        It's a failed attempt at a sort of forced perspective. It doesn't work here. I think a different pose for Batman would have served you better. Having both arms and legs coming at the viewer is a tall order that you weren't able to fill. And, yes, the title of this thread leads one to go, "huh?"
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          thank you all for your words ill keep your comments in mind on my future work


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