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  • Poison Ivy

    When I began this piece I wanted to create my own interpretation of Poison Ivy. But she ended up looking identical to the original by the time I was finished with her. No less, she was a treat to work on.

    Completely took the pressure off, relaxed and had some fun.
    It was great to play with colors again. The palette for this piece came out so rich and vibrant. I totally dig the way the greens, reds and yellows mix together to create a lush toxicity. The perfect vibe for Poison Ivy!

    I had no idea how I was going to tackle the background at first, but after discovering a few nifty brush sets I had tucked away in my Photoshop folder, it all came together beautifully.

    The stark distinction between painting and line art, at least for me, is time. Ivy took just under 6 hours to complete. If I was inking her, that likely would have been extended considerably. She’s a little rough around the edges, but for this level of detail I was able to start and finish her all in one sitting (with a few cups of coffee in between).

    Which was very irresponsible of me! Because I’m supposed to be getting all the shut eye I can get to conquer this pesky cold of mine, yet here I was painting this lovely lady up until some ungodly hour of the early morn.

    I’ve recorded the process for her, so I’ll put together a narrated video sometime soon. When my voice is less croaky.

    Until then, enjoy.


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    I like the kind of sketch, concept art look to it. Nice, vibrant colors as well! Good work for one sitting. Lately, Ive been doing more traditional art on blank comic variants, so it definitely takes me a while compared to when Im working with Photoshop


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      Looks great, I like the colour palette and the way you painted her hair! If you have the time I'd suggest blending the parts of her skin more where the banded effect is heaviest, like on her left arm it's fairly evenly spaced and so very noticeable. Also her left thigh is a bit dislocated from her hip, if it were at such an angle, nearing parallel with her torso, it would be pressed up against her stomach and chest much more. But yes, great stuff overall!
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