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Ninja Boy Family Colors

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  • Ninja Boy Family Colors

    Here is a recent commission piece for Ale Garza for his sourcebook for NinjaBoy.

    Pencils by Randy Green
    Colors by ME

    See more at:

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    I really like the color choices here. Why is the one tree still green when all the others are being effected by the sky? With the sunset/sunrise over the hill, the slope should be in shadow. Also, the rocks look really smooth to me.
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      Agreed on the rocks and the darker green than what I have. Thanks for the colors The tree in the front was left to green because I wanted to show the other trees are much farther back to the light source changing their colors. Also, for the balance in the colors. Thanks for the crits and comments, much appreciated.


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        Here you go veritas, tweaked it a bit


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          Hey HeagSta,
          I think you've got either not enough light coloring the foreground, or too much coloring the background. I really like the warm palette you're using. I think you should bring that orange forward into the foreground and let it really pour over the characters. You could add some deep shadows cast by the strong light as well to the rocks and figures to really sell the scene. Right now the background has a much stronger mood than the foreground.

          Check out the way Pascal Campion handles warm light: It really makes his warm late afternoon/early morning sunlight GLOW when it takes over the whole image. but he keeps his foreground/midground/background so well separated for all that. I think some study of light might be pretty worthwhile for you, man.

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            I appreciate the crits and comments, I will do some more research and see what I can do to render this piece better. Thanks again!


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