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X-Men Traditional inks and watercolor

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  • X-Men Traditional inks and watercolor

    Inking is hard! My lines are fuzzier than I would like, but the anatomy is getting a little better?
    I hated Colossus's right arm, so I did copy and paste the other arm over after inking, adjusted the contrast of the watercolors in Photoshop, and layered the inks back over the watercolors to cover the washed out lines, but I did enjoy using traditional tools for a change.

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    GREAT WORK! Traditional inks and watercolor? What kind of board or paper are you using? I would revisit Cyclops' right arm. It looks detached from the rest of his body. Nice classic X-men piece!


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      I didn't use the best materials, an old blue line board I had laying around. I printed the pencils onto the board in blue line. Later on, I experimented some more and found out the back of the page holds the ink better than the front, imagine that. I did adjust the levels after scanning back in, which didn't help with the jagged edges. I then printed out the inks on some very thick, very cheap watercolor paper. I hadn't thought about it, but I might try watercolors directly onto the bristol board. I went looking for some better paper for a smoother ink line, but all I found was some semi-smooth bristol, and I didn't want to pay the high price only to find out it's no better than what I have. I'll research it some more to see what's out there.
      Thanks for the advice, I'll agree that arm needs some work. Back to the drawing board!


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