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Hey Guys New to the Forums - Critiques on WIP and Finished Work

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  • Hey Guys New to the Forums - Critiques on WIP and Finished Work

    Hey Guys,

    Been doing comics seriously for about a year but have been drawing all my life. Just went full time freelance this year and am doing ok as far as projects go. Have always had that artist anxiety to show off my work and get critiques on it but I figured now would be as good a time as any. I dont mind the harsh or blunt critiques. Im looking for honesty and of course the kind words are good as well. Anyway, here's a piece I did this year.

    Thanks all in advance.

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    I think that the height vanishing point is located inside the picture plane making the building look like it comes to a point at the top.

    To aviod this skewed look, locate all vanishing points outside the picture plane for a three-point perspective drawing.

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      Really nice shot, though.
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        I think the extreme perspective works. I like the inking choices on the car. Great work, looking forward to seeing more.

        Welcome to the forums, j.velasquez!


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          Perspective is seriously boo-booed. You're in Dr Strange, Inception, bad acid trip territory.

          If the horizon is in the shot it can be: 1 pt, 2 pt or 4 pt but never 3pt.

          Get VPs away from each other and away from the frame.


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            Thanks for all the comments and for the welcome.

            Smitty; I appreciate the critique. I will work harder on my perspective.


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              Here's a page from another project. Again critiques and comments welcome. The art style is different because I took over another artist so the writer wanted something similar.


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                You want to keep VPs AWAY from the frame. If you want a 1 pt shot get the VP as FAR AWAY from the frame as possible (aka dead center) Every tick you remove the VP from center adds SIX ticks of distortion (N,S,E,W, forward, back)

                Watch your depth in perspective. Balconies and doors are freakishly wide, exacerbated by the VP being disastrously close to the frame.

                I was doing corrections on pn 5 before I figured out what was going on in pn2... or 3... or 4. The tipped over wheel chair is the most important element on the entire page. Choose an angle that shows the chair clearly.

                Note that the chair does NOT share the perspective of the room. It and the guy share the room's horizon but maintain their own VPs.

                Find a pose for pn3 that doesn't look like he's using the chair for apple pie.

                pn 4 Volume. Shapes are 3D.

                pn 4-5 Get some door frame on your door frame
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                  Keep up the good work JV! Great stuff. Look forward to seeing your art progress as you take in all the helpful advice.


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