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Another character sheet- de-aged Ellen Hollman?

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  • Another character sheet- de-aged Ellen Hollman?

    I tried to go off Ellen Hollman loosely as inspiration, and took a decade off of her face. Ellen Hollman is my age early 30s but the client wanted a character in their mid 20s. Its one of those weird things were it can be a fine line. Especially bc Ellen Hollman looks younger then your average 34 year old but most 30 somethings today look younger then they did in years past anyway... well heres your sheet for the week. Should be posting more sheets going into October. Probably one or two per week.

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    All this overlapping is unnecessary. It's actually kinda confusing. It's is supposed to be a page you can look back to for quick reference for a character. Keep it simple. Show the outfit in a front, 3/4, side, and back. Same for the facial features, and close ups of important items that maybe in sheaths or just have a lot of detail. Keep in mind other artists will be using it for reference also, so keep the layout simple.

    EDIT: Case in point: Ronnie B's Thread
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