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Some Surrealism For Ya!

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  • Some Surrealism For Ya!

    I drew this a couple months back and found and colored it. I listened to Emerson, Lake, and Palmer both times I worked on it and used some old india inks from the 70's. So I guess it's my 70's prog rock surreal album art

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    I thought it might be fun to add to this thread every so often.
    This is an oil painting I completed back in early 2006. It is called "Cincinnati", which happens to be where I live. At the time I had lived here for four years and had primarily focused on oil painting for my adult art life. I came from St. Petersburg area FL and was exposed to Dali in middle school and participated in the Student Surreal Exhibits all the way through graduating high school. Surrealism was my earliest and remains my most consistent art love. This piece is full of little personal symbolisms and references. Hope you enjoy!

    It is an old photo I took in the parking lot of the place I lived at the time. I started cropping it but I didn't want to lose anything on the sides and frankly it was damn right nostalgic for me.


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      Very nice! I love the work! I can see that you like Dali too.

      Are there any plans to make any stories or sequential art with them?


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        Thank you so much! I didn't plan to continue either of these as stories or sequences, I do however like to create series and reuse certain compositions and motifs. I will post more soon, new and old.


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