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    Hometown, Youngstown, Ohio. A future landscape of what could happen, and how the city would or would not adapt to a disaster, such as a flood. I made the mood a tad bit grundgy because of how the economy is worsening, perhaps everywhere as well in the US. I also portrayed how some of the rich individuals within the environment purposely close themselves off to these certain issues and act as if they don't even acknowledge how bad things really are. For example, Like the football stadium inside an enclosed dome. I also have the boy flying freely above traffic in a no fly zone. He's aware that the police are after him, because he's in a no fly zone, but doesn't care. He faster, can escape easily, and free within his own element of peace of the chaos. So, here's a recent painting I did in 2008. The compostion is better on this piece than my last post, little red riding hood. I know the anatomy is off on the boy perhaps, but I feel it works for me in the natural style I used. I tried my best to show how wind effects clothing while flying. PS, even though this painting might represent that i hate where I live, I really don't. Hopefully things will improve though. Especially keeping the GM plant. Already said too much. Please comment if you like or dislike and why. Even though it's a finished work, I can still make changes, thanks.

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    Closer view


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      This is a nice painting, I can't paint so I won't crit that.

      but the the green one seems kinda twisted, n' the kid, you've got a natural look to him, but his head needs to be a bit lower, it seems a bit 1d to me.

      other then that, nice piece, you've done a great job!

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        Ah, Youngstown the city that seems to produce more Cash Explosion lottery contestants than any other city in Ohio.


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          I like the colors you used for the piece but he comes off very stiff atop his hoverboard and like AZRAEL_BAT said the cars look off. I'd actually go to Youngstown if it looked like this
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            Thanks guys. I had to rush this painting out for an art show, but I will definitely fix the green truck perspective and the boys head being too high. Maybe I could increase more bulk to his shoulders and make those higher instead to fill in the space. I wish I could really show this painting for real in this forum because allot of the detail is lost. But here is a concept I thought of. Like a futuristic chariot for the rich people and there's no driver. I would love to see this idea unfold, maybe in china I'm sure its going to happen.

            And the other concept is taking a present day vehicle the Pt cruiser. And 20 or some years from now, it will be a classic. So I made it into a hot rod concept with pinstripe flames. I know this is kind of pixilated, but you get the idea.

            The VW beetle is a hovering car like skywalkers landspeeder, hopefully they'll make those and flying cars.
            The red grad prix is actually my car. I never adapted to the future so my car is a beater.
            The caddy is a drug pusher because that's what the town is all about, underneath it all. Drugs never really go away no matter what year it is.
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              You have some pretty rad ideas. Y-town never looked better. Nice job.

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                It's always fun to watch your pictures. I think in this one, you didn't quite put as much effort in the, uhm "filling" as you did in the other pieces I've seen from you. What I mean is that everything appears kinda transparent to me, like there's many outlines and such, but not enough painting inside to cover what appears to be a black background to me.



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                  Thanks Capone. I did have a hard time finding the right colors in this one. Doing a semi-night scene with allot of neon lights and headlights is always hard to pull off. I wasn't sure whether to paint with my airbrush for glowing and lighting effects or a dry brush. I went with the dry brush. I probably could have even pushed a little more contrast into the entire piece, but I made some parts so detailed, I didn't want to sacrifice losing anything. So I know what you mean. Thanks again.


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                    Your work has a dreamlike quality that's very interesting and totally different a unique.


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