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  • a whole lotta me

    And I'm back.

    I'm not vain. To prove that, here are some self-portraits.
    *end sarcasm

    First up is this thing.

    The flat shirt and hair were 1/2 stylistic choice, 1/2 laziness. I'm definitely using that skin palette again somewhere.

    And here's a thing I put up on my devart that somewhat walks you through my process for that piece. I use the same technique for most all my other pieces.

    Next piece. On devart, I used to see these IDs that all had the same format. Portrait on the right, full figure on the left, and attribute stats listed. I always thought they were cool and always wanted to do one myself (I'm a fan of bandwagons). I think the craze died down. And of course that's when I finally finish mine. Apparently the full figure is supposed to be done in pixels, which I didn't know until I finished the pencils. So I just traced over it in PS. It's supposed to look like a video game fighter I guess. I think I [S]stole[/S]-- ahem, borrowed that ground effect from someone on PJ. I forget who. Point me in the right direction. And it's hard to do a convincing herringbone with filters.

    Here are the lines in case anyone is interested in what they look like. The frame around the portrait is digital because I suck with rulers.

    Hope you dig.

    Critiques always welcomed.

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    "I'm a guy, dammit!"


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    Hey babycakes, good self-portraits. I kind of like how the first one is only fully rendered on the skin, and I don't think it's stylistically challenged at all.
    And the game menu picture is almost convincing, except for the pixelation issue. I could easily expect to see it if I were choosing between fighters.


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      Just say your bottom portrait is from a Taito typex2 arcade game ;/

      I dig them.


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        very nice pieces!!


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          That self portrait is a great piece and yes, that skin palette must be saved for reusage!
          You also caught the 8-bit feeling pretty well...though it must have been the 16 bit times already, ha. haha, good old days



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            Thanks for the comments guys. Glad you liked them.
            "I'm a guy, dammit!"



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              hahaha I remember that craze! I did a couple too, thatd be cool if we could do a draw-off of ourselves as video game characters.
              DON'T CLICK
              I miss when we all drew like Joe MAD and argued about the Matrix


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                Wow... I'm not sure I ever saw your stuff before but your work is amazing. Put me down on your fan list. Do you have any published stuff?
                Who's Yo Daddy!?!


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                  How'd I miss this. Good stuff, man. Glad you're back for a minute, hopefully two...
                  Money can't buy you happiness, but it will pay for the search.


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                    Hahaha, the cartoon is awesome because after looking at your self portrait it's just too funny.
                    I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.


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                      really nice stuff! and as my mother said "if you cant love can you love anyone else"..... little did she realise just how much I love myself....5 times a day! erm!


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